The only optical and electrical perfect replicas of rare, early
radio tubes, cathode ray tubes, Geissler tubes and physical demonstration tubes

Our tubes have the same electrical characteristics and operating values as the originals!

These tubes are manufactured on a semi-commercial base in a physical laboratory with modern means and thus much more reliable than the originals.

Photo shows our replica of "de Forest" double wing, double filament spherical Audion (Original mfg'd 1906) and it's shipping box.

Some other Examples:

Replica of tubular Audion / Audiotron Bulb (Original mfg'd 1915/16)

Replica of Geissler tube (air filled)

Replica of ancient miniature incandescent lamp (Orig. mfg'd 1920, base E10, Bulb diameter 25mm, 3V, 0.1A)

Neon glow lamp with custom tailored logo electrodes

Polarity indicator Neon glow lamp

220nm deep UV lamp in Quartz Dewar for thermal stabilization (custom requested item)

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