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Saving energy resources has become a very important policy today. 


The HOTFIL system offers many advantages over known lightsources for applications in internal illumination, sign illumination and architectural accent lighting.


Colors and shapes are versatile like known neon sign tubes; efficiency and installation is equivalent to standard T5 fluorescent lamps.


The superiority of the system regarding luminous efficiency, energy consumption, investment and operating cost is shown in a scientific comparison between LED's, standard neon tubes and HOTFIL tubes.

(see section "efficiency comparision")



-> sources for complete HOTFIL



The manufacture of individual neon/cold cathode tubes requires a lot of experience and proper shop equipment.


Lamp quality can be improved remarkably by use of the semiautomatic HOTFIL processing system. It guarantees constant quality by maintaining constant parameters during electrode processing ("conditioning") and evacuation. Standard neon/cold cathode tubes can be processed as usual with the system connected.


HOTFIL tubes can also be operated on high voltage transformers; for manufacture, either a vacuum oven or a standard bombarding/pumping system equipped with the HOTFIL conditioner is sufficient.



-> sources for  HOTFIL-components & tools



For sign /electrical installers the HOTFIL system offers the advantage of power supplies running below 1000 volts. No hassle with UL2161, no high voltage requirements according to NEC, no high voltage electrician license necessary (applies in some countries).


The intelligent and extremely small electronic ballast "mini-EPS" fits anywhere and makes lamp life independent on number of switching cycles.


Quick and simple installation of HOTFIL tubes due to T5-clip- on connectors - like T5 fluorescents.

Hotfil-tubes can also be retrofitted in existing high voltage cold cathode/neon sign installations with currents of 75mA or higher without rewiring; energy savings up to 30% possible by simple tube change - at the same light output!


-> sources for HOTFIL-lamps

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References / Examples 

Example of HOTFIL-applications in signage and object illumination, executed in 2008
(various installers and glasshops, see "sources")


Channel letters with HOTFIL:
- elegant during daytime and extremely bright at night (NL)


Representative architectural lighting and signage with HOTFIL


Replacement of 400W HID lamp in underwater pool fixture :
With HOTFIL approx. 5-fold lifetime and 80% energy savings


Front- and backlit channel letters:
HOTFIL offers highest light fluxes in tight spaces

General and accent lighting in ceiling vaults, handrails and elevators exclusively with HOTFIL-tubes
Shopping mall "Sihl-Center" in Zrich, Switzerland (will open April/Mai 2007)
Manufacture/install: Neon Illuma AG, CH-Effretikon


Entrance area / Info



Handrail and ceiling vault lighting in open staircase


electrode detail

Electrode detail



Outdoor elevator to basement


atrium 1

Atrium I


detail ceiling

Electrode detail ceiling


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