System description
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The "HOTFIL system" consists of the following components:

• HOTFIL hot filament electrodes
• HOTFIL conditioning unit
• HOTFIL conditioning gas
• HOTFIL filling gas
• HOTFIL "mini EPS" electronic power supply

for handcraft manufacture of individually shaped luminous tubes
with hot cathode electrodes.

The main advantage of the system is the energy efficiency
regarding light output, energy consumption, investment- and operating cost
as shown in a comparison between LED's, standard Neon/Cold Cathode tubes
and HOTFIL tubes (see "Efficiency comparison").

Advantage in use of hot cathode electrodes by employment of the
HOTFIL conditioning unit is that a vacuum processing oven
(used only by a few neon shops) becomes obsolete.
Also extremely small, specially designed low voltage electronic power supplies
give major advantages in installing the tubes.

HOTFIL hot filament electrodes can be processed also in a vacuum oven
like fluorescent lamps.

HOTFIL tubes can also be installed in series wired high voltage systems
like standard Cold Cathode circuits (for details see "Products").

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